Running PHP on Embedded Devices - PHPing your Mobile Phone, NAS or Router


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Great talk, nice and original. Would have been great to see a demonstration of such setup (Video would've done just fine).

Excellent talk! A very nice idea to use what you know for embedded devices. Shame there are not so many libraries available for PHP and you have to resort to executing shell commands. Still a nice insight into what is possible to do with PHP.

Using a C library to grab webcam images, a C library to analyze the images, and a PHP library to store them, the glue code is about two dozen lines. Not very PHP heavy. Not many details about minimizing PHP's memory or disk space footprint for devices with limited resources.

Does run through cross-compiling PHP for the beefier embedded-linux devices, which is interesting.

I liked the ideas, but the aspects I liked had nothing to do with PHP itself. So a bit of an average talk imho.

Nice example of how php is not limited to known hardware