Trees in the Database: advanced data structures


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At the beginning you where a bit hard to understand, try to articulate better.

I liked the whole explanation about what a tree actually is, and the examples about solutions on how to handle inner node deletions was very nice.

Wow, good thing I knew a bit about adjacency list and the nested set, because it got rather complex with the nested interval model.

Great stuff on the nested interval model and the sql standard way of using trees, neither of which I'd used before.

Really interesting stuff. Sometimes it was a bit hard to keep up, but all in all a good talk.

Very interesting stuff. Probably need to read up on this when I get home...

This was a good one, nice to get an overview of all the various tree-structures. Proceeding at top speed, which was good I think, but would like to review all of this at home on my own time... Maybe some more links next time? In terms of content: grrreat!

Definitely good. Not many people use to talk about alternative trees representation. That was good and very interesting to know that some DMBS already have some of those things implemented.

Relatively good content, not so easy to listen to.

Good talk, but I think the nested intervals was perhaps a bit too complex to explain in such a small time frame.

Part of this stuff went way over my head, especially at this late point in the con. Somewhat nervous, flat presentation made it even harder to follow.

But the talk was well prepared, well structured and extremely informative by a speaker who clearly knows what he's talking about.

Most of the structures I knew about, but never used it. Seeing some examples was actually quite helpful. You where a bit nervous but still the talk was very good. Your presenting skills exceed those of a few speakers I've seen that have more experience. Really good !

English was a bit of a problem, but other than that very nicely presented. Thanks for all the great ideas regarding tree structures. I'm sure I would not found most of the ideas you presented on my own. Was a nice ending to a great conference!