APC & Memcache the High Performance Duo


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Very interesting, clear talk. Great speaker.

We will definetely need these slides!

Wow, tons of new valuable information, great thnx!

Anonymous at 13:32 on 12 Jun 2010

Informative talk. Lots of info in high, but clear speed!

This really helped as I've never been sure which Memcached extension to use. Ilia has very good knowledge on the subject and is a very good speaker.

High quality talk. Did miss some comments on tuning APC to maximize it's effectiveness (like finding the optimum size/ what to cache, what not).

Lot's of information in a very nice high speed! Next time maybe repeat questions from the audience so everybody knows what you're answering.

Wow, I couldn't have expected a better presentation about those tools, including both theoretical concepts and practical applications. Thanks!

I was a complete novice to both apc and memcache.
This talk provided an incredible amount of information for 45 minutes.
Very good speaker and again great pace.

Nice to have some information about a contributor instead of the regular user point of view. Learned some nice behind the scenes stuff.

This is without a doubt one of the best main-track sessions I've seen. It started off with the basics and for a moment I was scared that that would be it. But just about halfway the session all the good stuff came which made this talk a must-see for everyone no matter if you're into caching or not.

I think this presentation should have a 'versus' in the title. I thought we can combine those two before the presentation. Interesting though.

You can definitely combine APC and Memcache on the same install...