Debugging techniques with Xdebug


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First time a saw the 'in-IDE-debugging' thing ran, and I'm quite impressed about the smooth integration with NetBeans.
And it's always nice to work with the latest release, hope we were good beta testers.

Great tutorial, nice to be doing something instead of just listening and maybe asking some questions. My basic xdebug usage days will be over and I will be using lot's of stuff learned today! Too bad it took quite a long time before everybody got xdebug running, bu on the other hand real it was nice Derick helped everyone get it running!

Excellent overview of various xdebug options. I really enjoyed the practical nature of this session. Derrick did a great job helping everyone out with their problems.

Very helpful and practical session! I am amazed with Derick's patience with his audience. XDebug is a great tool and I am very anxious to get it running in my day-to-day IDE.

Derick, next time, ask for thumbs up and thumbs down, in stead of "is this working for everyone?", might work better :)

I am gonna use xDebug on windows servers! Is that good or bad!? ;)

Congradulations on getting everyone up and running with xdebug. Great look at all the features (especially the performance measuring).

The session was interesting, unfortunately we spent a bit too much configuring/building xdebug from sources, so there was not enough time to complete the talk. I would suggest a Live Cdrom or a VM image or a VNC session.