Designing for Reusability


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The narrative seems to be missing, it might be nicer to have the sections linked in.
I would've liked even more focus on behavioural patterns like Decorator and how these either positively or negatively influence your reusability. I rather liked the scoop on Traits.

Unfortunatly I did not like this talk. The content on it's own was ok but he is not the best speaker to make the content really interresting and entertain you at the same time.

Some good points, but it was more on clean code and testability. Both very interesting subjects, but nothing new for me. Perhaps the title of this presentation should be altered. The 'reusability' is just one of the many benefits of writing clean code.

Completely lost my attention after a couple of minutes. Too bad the reusability was just a small part of the talk. Some small tips and tricks, nothing major. After that it went all over the place, unit testing, traits, activerecord. The sheets weren't really supporting the talk either. A little more practice may also help, wasn't smooth yet and that looses attention fast.
Too bad, the topic sounded good and the tutorial by Derick yesterday was great, this just wasn't.

A few good parts, but most of the subjects lack a technical depth. The slideset needs some work. Iøm sure this talk will rock, when a bit more work have been done.

Good content but the narrative needed a little more work. If you didn't have a previous understand of subjects it would have been hard to follow at times. But considering it was the first time Derick gave the talk, not as bad as others make out.

I had expected more of this. Derrick lost me after 15mins, which is a first since I usually enjoy his talks a lot. Lacked structure, coherence and slides better supporting the talk.

He made some good points content wise.

I agree that the talk lacked some coherency. Useful points for people new to these ideas, could have had more depth

Intersting, you might want to polish presentation a bit though. Maybe go a little more in dept with just a few examples.

Not nearly in depth enough for my taste, and not really what I expected from the talk. Slides were good (as usual)

Content was good, and agreed with a lot of Derrick's opinions on multiple inheritance, over-abstraction, deciding what to test, etc. Presentation was a bit rambling, but was first time the talk had been delivered.

Missed cohesion between the different topics. Narrating could use some improvements too

Just basic OO stuff that you already should know.

Could use more practice, some editting, better slides, has good potential for an 'Advanced OO' talk, not sure if the DPC audience is the right audience for this though.

Derick mentioned this was the first time he gave this talk, but still I had expected a little more from it. Like another attendee, I thought it would be more about tips and techniques from an architectural point of view. The DI and interface examples were the kind of things I was hoping to see more of them.

Some interesting points raised by the talk though it was a little rough around the edges at times. Liked the details on dependencies and how to deal with them for testing. Perhaps focussing more on one or two areas, with more detailed examples, would have also been good. In all, nice start to the day though :)

Agree with other comments made, have heard good things about Derek's other talks so it was a shame.

he lost me in a few minutes. Like mentioned on twitter. I do believe Derick has the knowhow but I guess today was not his lucky day in speaking

Not the most entertaining talk, yet its contents (while it's true that could have been better exploited) are definitely valuable. It's always worth paying attention to what Derick has to say.

Hard to maintain focus on the talk, but I could follow everything and it gave me a few new insights.

The information in itself was good, and Derick knows his stuff, but the talk itself needs a more structured and cohesive narrative.

After seeing Derick talk a few times in the past I had very high expectations of this talk. And I wish I hadn't most parts of the talk were already pretty well known and didn't go into much depth. The part about traits was pretty interesting, but we're not able to use it yet. And maybe some more info about PHP 5.3's namespaces would've fit in quite well.

All in all a decent talk which needs a little more structuring and some more in-depth info on the subject.