There has been a lot of buzz lately about the NoSQL movement in general and CouchDB in particular. For people who are used to relational databases, a lot of CouchDB's limitations look like severe disadvantages; these constraints however can also be great opportunities. This talk will give an overview of CouchDB and then focus on embracing the system's constraints to build better products.


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a so this is was what the fuzz was all
about. Not thinking couchDB for every problem but I did had my desired AHA moment. And see where couchDB could be usefull especially when it can be used with lucene.

I think I spotted some couchdb nails already! Great talk.

This talk was just full of awesomeness!

Great talk, good speaker, very engaging.

Great speaker. Very fast but still very easy to follow, which is very difficult. Made clear the concept of document oriented databases, but it did not convince me. It did make me want to learn more about it so I went to th presentation of Mathew who was able to convince me.

Maybe the speaker was a bit too focussed on the possibilities of the http interface and I am not convinced this would make it better than mongodb.

Constraints? It was made clear at the start that we wouldn't hear a lot on this subject, but I didn't hear anything about this. I'm still curious on whether there is actually a solution to this when it comes to relations.

Very fast indeed, but no problems following the talk, due to clear presentation. Interesting subject and clearly a knowledgeable speaker.

Very good and clear speaker, very good presentation. If I wasn't convinced about CouchDB yet I would have been after the talk.