Panel: The Future of PHP


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I loved the 2009 panel discussion, and this was equally good. Happy with the discussion on PHP-Java (dis)similarities, and it's nice to get a picture of recent developments. A great way to end the conference.

Fun and informative.
I would have liked them disagreeing with each other. Maybe they did disagree on some points but they just didn't show it because it would look bad? And maybe that had something to do with the way questions were asked.
I guess I hoped on something that would have looked more like a debate.

A good format for the closing keynote. A nice end to a very good event. Intresting insight to the future of PHP.

Enjoyable and informative, not too much discussion going on though.

It was a nice panel, but I would have like to see more discussion between the members. Some more controversial questions would've worked to this effect.

Excellent finish to the conference. Interesting questions and informative but not enough discussion / debate

Good panel discussion with a nice theme. Lorna and Ivo handled the questions quite well.

informative with very good hosting by Lorna and Ivo.

A nice little chat with some well known speakers. Although it was much speculation and trying to find out what Scott is actually doing, I really appreciated this welcome cool-down after days of learning and information consuming.

Late in the day on Day 2 - started to loose me by the end. Liked the interactive nature of the talk with twitter questions coming in through the middle of it.