Most PHP talks are given from the point of view of people who work on a project internally. These people are mostly developers, designers, project managers, QA's and there's even an occasional business man who shares his opinion on PHP. I would like to talk about PHP through the eyes of a hoster. Eventually a project is going to get hosted on the internet and in a lot of cases an external webhosting company will take care of that. As the support manager and open source evangelist of a large hosting company, I will bring you a story about how a hoster experiences the wonderful world of PHP, about what can go wrong for customers and about how a webhoster can solve these issues. This tale describes everyday situations in 45 minutes where PHP is a blessing as well as a burden.


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Clearly someone who has experience in doing talks, good slides and presentation techniques. Although I hoped for a bit more of a technical talk. It was a fine talk covering the basics and mentioning the tools of todays trades.

A fresh and clear perspective on dealing with PHP in the real world. Very informative.

Nice viewpoint that certainly resonates with me (one of my hats is ensuring our shared hosting servers works for clients who use it). Liked the points on security within a shared environment and strategies for scaling. The tools at the end also sounded very good.

And I *loved* the slide on register_globals with the blood-strewen axe, wish I'd taken a pic at that point!!

Interesting set of observations on PHP from the view of a hosting and support team. I definitely agree that hosters are a major part of the PHP world, but not particularly well represented in the community, so it's good to hear from that side of things!.