Plant Pyrus in your system - A guide to a plugin system


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Interesting talk by Helgi, I was expecting something a litle less high leven and more actual code, but then again Pyrus is still very much alpha it appears.
Quality was good.

I was not familiar with Pyrus, only with PEAR. After this talk I felt Pyrus could solve my problems. Too bas it's still in alpha :)

I like Helgi as a speaker and PHP expert and I love the idea behind Pyrus.

The talk managed to draw my attention towards Pyrus, but unfortunately did not satisfy my curiosity.

I had the feeling this talk was not really well prepared and it actually didn't have enough practical information to convince me. A demo or some code would have been nice.

If Helgi plans another talk about this topic containing more practical info, I'll definitely check him out again (and possibly give it a 4 or 5 star rating).

Very interesting. I will sure test this in the near future for our own software.

Good introduction to Pyrus, but also to the general challenges and opportunities inherent in building a package management system.

Nice talk, but another 30 minutes or even more with more in-depth (technical) material plus some code examples would have been nice.

A good heads up and happy to see PEAR's ecosystem is alive and kicking.