Practical Usage of HipHop


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nice rant about wordpress. thanks for sharing.

Nice rant, with a kilt it would have been ever better.

Nice insight view into HipHop. Thanks.

Great demonstration of HipHop and how easily it can be used (once setup ;)). A shame that Wordpress crashed the demonstration with weird code constructs (of which I am not surprised HipHop cannot handle it).

Anonymous at 14:36 on 11 Jun 2010

Perfect prove that Automattic needs to do a lot of work on their not so open source product!

nice teaser for the main talk in the main conference. now to get HipHop set up... ;)

Awesome talk, awesome swearing and self-heckling.

good & nice talk, covering a lot of ground.

Very good intro into hiphop, covered a lot in 45 minutes.
Really made me curious to play with it when i find some spare time
Engaging speaker as well!
Doing live compiling on stage, awesome++

Masters at work: presenting while doing live compilation and all under 15min! A++

Very good presentation with in-depth insights on HipHop and live onstage hacking. Also reflects the great things deverlopers are coding at FB.

Brilliant developer. Too fast at times. Impressive talk. I was left in amazement (not sure about the spelling of that).