Premature Optimization Mistakes


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Good content. The title might be slightly misleading as it was more related to optimisation suggestions than it were to optimisation mistakes.

Fluent, but fast speaking style.

Really good tips although aimed heavily at beginners, very little advanced strategies and missed out on the optimisation mistakes

An excellent talk about effective optimization rather than obvious optimization.

Do watch out with the title because I was expecting actual bad practices rather than good ones although the outcome was more useful than expected.

I loved the enthousiasm, but that apparently/unfortunately led to timing issues.

Good talk! However needs more time.

Good talk. Missed a bit about the drawbacks on some optimization tips though.

It would be great also to hear about PHP compilation options, their advantages and disadvantages - especially about the open-source PHC compiler which allows converting a PHP library into PHP extension running on top of Zend Engine.

Fairly standard range of options, but presented quite naturally. Also made some points about a few technologies I hadn't considered before. Felt like he would have been more suited to an hour long slot, as it was a bit rushed. Enjoyed the practical examples, very easy to apply.

Nice talk, but a little too much details. And I would have liked the focus to be more on the optimisation pitfalls than on actual opportunities for optimisation.

Great content and some good advice for speeding up applications without the risk of actually changing the code. Overran by quite a lot though and would have benfitted from a longer talk slot (it became uncomfortable at the end as the organizers were pushing for the talk to end!)

Poor me... I am using windows!?

Reminded me of things to still optimize, added todo's :)

Lots of easy to implement quick wins and some good but generic advice. Would have liked to see a before/after example that would show the effect if you stack up all these performance tweaks. The pace of the talk was a bit too fast, but the speaker was very engaging.

Made quite a few notes, the pittfalls sounded familiar. Read some on that in Ivo Jansch's book about Enterprise PHP development.

I think you repeated yourself quite a bit, which made you run out of time, you have some optimization to do there :)

I liked the visual profiling information **very much**. I would have loved to see that being generated and practical guiding on how to accomplish that. Maybe a beginners' desire to see this in action, but it would have stuck better I think.

Great to have met you, I read your guide on PHP security when I was preparing for PHP 4 certification (yes, long ago) and you got me fascinated.

Thank you!

The title was a bit misleading, as Ilia moved on to optimization tips after a few slides, but it was a great talk. Ilia offered clear code examples and great tips. The one on output buffers was new to me, and I'll be sure to try it.

overall a great presentation, even if I was hoping it would address some more advanced topics; I know time was an issue

also, a nice thing to do would be to not have the exact same presentation in each conference, but spice it up just a little to make it more interesting for those who have seen it before

A little slow to get started but when it got into full flow this was a very informative and usefull talk. Ilia delivers it in an easy manner and at a good pace that keeps the intrest. I definately brought ideas home from this one.