Quality Assurance in PHP Projects


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Good talk, encouraged me to look deeper into QA tools for my projects

very good talk and slides from Sebastian, got some ideas to improve daily coding

Looking forward to start doing some unit testing. Great talk.

interesting talk, I loved second part about bunch of tools for code analysis

Enjoyed this talk very much. I read a lot about all the tools and have some installed at work, but now I can really pass the knowledge on to my colleagues. Thanks!

Great talk! The part about the QA tools could've been a talk all by itself. The part about unit testing isn't all that new and fancy, but really triggered me to make some necessary steps in that part. The part about the QA tools and how they relate to each other and can be used together really got me motivated to find some free time to play with this, should be great!

Liked it very much. Lots of very useful tools and tips, and easy to listen to.

I had expected a bit more light on the "process" of quality assurance, and a bit less on the "automation" of quality assurance. But what the hey, you're not there for my expectations ;)

I liked very much the presentation of Hudson and its integration with php tools

excellent tutorial from Sebastian
the greatest part was when we saw all the pieces of the puzzle together in the Hudson dashboard http://ci.thephp.cc/

Very interesting, we are currently implementing CI and the Hudson section of this talk was most enlightening.