Real World Dependency Injection


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Great talk. Good introduction to the subject. Maybe examples in the slide deck could be a bit more simple, so the concept would be more easily understandable.

Interesting talk, though I still think that the purpose is really loose coupling. The presentation was well put together, the real world examples were nice. Perhaps the talk could be improved by more direct, runnable examples.

Really glad with all the examples. Exactly What It (the tittle) Says. No questions asked.
i liked the Con slide where all the frameworks were shown. very funny the Zend_DI was in the list already.
though i didn't like the slides that looked like a right duplicate from the other presentation from before. (

Heard about DI, wanted to know what it is. Now I know.

Speaker seemed a bit nervous, but that did not bother me at all.

Nice overview of the subject and overall a good talk, but the examples of multiple configurations started to lose me a bit.

It all got a bit repetative with the same XML config file being shown over and over again with only minor change