Scrum in the Wild


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Good coverage and introduction to scrum. The tips:
- you mentioned the user stories as items. explain the meaning of this user stories and let them come back in the story more often.
- When switching subjects in your presentation and especially when talks has allot of different terms, it would be a nice practice to refer back to them and show the relations. so the audience won't be overblown by all terms or confusion.
I did not experienced this though had this kind of information overload at the first time.
for the rest my compliments on the really basic example of tooling. that was funny.

I've seen this talk before and it was still very good. excellent introduction into what scrum is and a good list of practical tips.

Noticed that mike's english is better when he does not try so hard to articulate. Maybe a little bit of work on intonation. The talk itself was good and easy to understand. Interaction with public was good too.

Very good introduction to SCRUM, also one of the most interesting talk I've followed today. Lot of information shared in a short time without overloading the audience, good graphics too. good work.

Good session with amazing graphics. Good enough for becoming a conference speaker. Good luck and start submitting!

Good introduction to Scrum, told at a nice pace.