The Art of Scalability


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I felt this talk really was too elaborate, the speaker was overstating the obvious. The stuff actually discussing architecture & design was quite good, but came in at the very end of the presentation. I'm afraid I didn't learn much here.

Hmmmmm. A bit more indepth techical explaination and maybe some do and dont's would be nice.

Too many things needed to be said in such a small amount of time.

Lots of areas covered, not enough detail or time spent on key areas.

Very nice general overview of the subject. Would be good for none technical managers to watch.

I really liked the focus of the talk being non-technical, since solving the scalability problem can't be generalized easily and I did not want to hear another "thats how we solved our scalability problem, but it won't help you at all"-talk.

The part about people and processes gave me a new perspective on the issue.

Not what I expected. Too much stuff in only 45 min. Probably very interesting if you are technical leader of projects and such. Presentation style was good.

There was a lot of good stuff in this talk, especially the different perspectives on the subject. There was just not enough time to process all of this information, which was too bad. It went a little bit too fast for me. But the speaker knew what he was talking about, and was well prepared.

I really liked the presentation because it wasn't all technology as you might expect. From a pure programmer point of view it may be to much about non-tech stuff, but I personally am very interested in the non-tech parts. Good slides too. Maybe a little too much information in 45 minutes. Lorenzo you might want to slow down a little, so you don't rush your English.

High quality presentation, containing a LOT of valuable information. I loved the mix of tech with non-tech concepts. This talk could definitely be split into a series so that the different aspects can be explored more in deep.

Not what i was expecting from the talk
Still was an interesting talk even though it also focussed on non technical side of things.
I do agree with others that it was a lot of information for a 45 minute talk.
Little less broad and more depth wouldn't hurt

A bit too abstract for me, would have appreciated some examples/best practices on programming level

This was a talk for a CTO or manager who doesn't understand his job and wouldn't come to a conference like this anyway. I'm not a manager at all and everything was obvious to me. I expected this to be more about techniques than about for example the fact that people get hired and fired (I think everybody knows a thing like that). The fact that it wasn't a very dull presentation doesn't make up for the fact that the contents weren't useful at all for, I think, anybody.

Liked non-tech aspects of it and concept of presentation.

In two minds about this. Nothing wrong with the presentation itself, but I felt it was kind of over elaborating on the obvious (within the context of this conference and this audience), which left to little room for the practical "how", both from a technical and managerial perspective.

BTW, spectacularly different from last years talk by Lorenzo, both in subject matter and the manner of presentation. That alone was quite impressive.

I agree with Benjamin (beberlei), so I am not going to repeat that.

Also admired your choice of graphics. It made your slides very enjoyable to watch.

You spoke in a very clear and pleasant voice which contributed to the overall pleasant experience.

It took me a few minutes to work out Lorenzo's english, but after that the talk was interesting. I would've like more depth though, because he stated the obvious quite a few times. It didn't feel like a talk for a programmer, I guess.

intresting subject. the speaker was good too.

I'm sorry, but if you give your talk a title which at least hints at some technical content, well then don't try to cover the whole spectrum from people and project management to buying additional hardware in time in just 45 minutes. The result: not one solid technical slide or idea was touched. Disappointing.