Where in the world: Geo data in PHP


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Wicked talk. Lots of very good information. Especially being able to obtain geo data from the browser!

Not knowing much about location services, I felt I learnt a lot in this well-put together talk. You could improve slightly by changing the background color :)

Was hoping for a bit more detail here, quite a bit of the basic stuff. e.g. The visualisation of the mining data was really interesting. Unfortunate colour scheme meant the code examples were invisible and that broke the flow a bit. That said, he's enthusiastic about his topic and held the the audience's interest.

Really interesting talk on the various aspects of dealing with GEO data. I've never done much with GEO-data before so I learned a lot today. The code samples were way too dark and fixing them indeed broke the flow. Nevertheless it's very clear that Marcus knows a lot about the subject, and he's able to explain the things he wants to tell in a very clear way.

Enthousiastic talk about how to retrieve, store and display geo-data.

Very nice compilation of all sort of geo-data information. Good overview about that topic.

Very nice talk - not what I was expecting at all. Far more engaging. Marcus is obviously very comfortable standing infornt of a room full of people as well.

Some of the ideas such as the Invisble Feedback are topics that are very relevant to my current work - very worthwhile.

Only downside - Can't download the slides as PDF from slideshare.