Writing a PHP extension in C - part 1


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Good workshop. Melanie started directly with a hands-on experience in compiling a simple extension. Since writing (and understanding) extensions need a certain amount of php internal knowledge, a lot of time was spend on some dry theory (not necessarily a bad thing though!) Melanie knows her stuff and a lot of background information was presented during the workshop.

Really would have liked it to have a classical creation of writing your own extension (for example: creating a string-reverse function, own stream wrapper etc).

Great workshop Melanie explained it very well, although the slides could use some work. Most of them were hard to read, but luckily you had code samples to go with it and read along. She even managed to make a few of us laugh, and thats an impressive accomplishment!

Great tutorial! Melanie covered everything, from the most basic 'hello world' PHP extension to actually explaining how to deal with stuff like ZVALs, hash tables, classes and objects. The learning curve is a bit steep if you've never actually written a PHP extension (like myself) but Melanie explained everything in a very clear way.

Now I've done the tutorial I don't have the feeling that I can write an extension without having an example next to it quite yet, but at least I now know what's going on when I look at the sourcecode of existing extensions, and I know where I can find the building blocks to create my own extension :). Great tutorial overall, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to write PHP extensions.

Melanie knows her stuff, so there was a lot of great technical content in here. She's also good at answering questions on the fly while keeping the flow of the presentation. This was particularly useful, as I don't think (as an audience) we quite had the C skills she was initially expecting.

Learned a lot, definitely made the right choice of workshop to attend.

Execellent tutorial session, handled expertly by Melanie- logically stepping through the issues in a clear methodical manner. The subject matter is hard to convey traditionally, but Mel ensured all the relevent dependencies where touched upon in a timely manner. Glad I attended!

Great talk and enjoyable day! Have come out of it feeling that I should be able to navigate my way around the PHP source with a little more understanding of how things work.

Melanie clearly knows her stuff, and was available to answer questions that people had.

If you want to know more about how PHP works and how you can extend it, definitely a good tutorial to attend.