Writing a PHP extension in C - part 2


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Good workshop. Melanie started directly with a hands-on experience in compiling a simple extension. Since writing (and understanding) extensions need a certain amount of php internal knowledge, a lot of time was spend on some dry theory (not necessarily a bad thing though!) Melanie knows her stuff and a lot of background information was presented during the workshop.

Really would have liked it to have a classical creation of writing your own extension (for example: creating a string-reverse function, own stream wrapper etc).

The content became a bit harder to understand and was a bit dry at times, but considering the subject I still mark it as quite good in addition to my comment on part 1.

Same as my comment on: http://joind.in/talk/view/1523 just had to knock a star off as it did become harder to concentrate later on. Not sure if there was any way around that though, pretty intense subject.