Zend Framework Application Patterns - Part 1


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Very interesting talk, some things are already well known but I get new usage inspirations from the examples. Zend_Navigation was definitly the highlight of this morning.

The speakers are explaining really well, not much questions arise during this session.

+ Clear explaination
+ Nice examples
+/- Loose examples, not a full application which brings everything together, but you can make it up yourself

Awesome tutorial! Still learned stuff. You both do a good session, thanks

Enjoyable and informative. Would of exchanged topic count for more advanced usage but you have to please the masses :)

Very nice roundup of application design with Zend Framework, crystal clear explanations for common problems and issues with utilizing ZF for your webprojects.

I like it very much, I learned a lot of new things, I hope to see the slides one of these days. I hope next time to have the slides, so I can put my comments and remarks immediately on them.