API driven Zend Framework app


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Zend Framework clearly makes API development easy, though I didn't see the benefit of ZF over, for instance, Frapi, especially given the keynote this morning by Helgi. Some of the code examples were a bit hard to read because there was so much code in there, but overall, nice overview of how to build an API with ZF

agreed with above. Excellent talk, just missed the 'why' of zend framework

I hoped the talk would fit in more with the keynote of this morning, but the setup was a but different. The presentation itself was nice and the way of thinking came over. I liked the code samples so you get a good idea of what you mean.

I thought the length of the talk was good enough, 45 minutes might've been too long for this talk.
Mike is an experienced and confident speaker.
The topic was interesting if a bit basic.

I think the point of using Zend_Framework was that you can use one simple and familiar (to ZF developers) way of exposing webservices of different flavors.

The one thing I meant to ask, but just missed the opportunity to do so, was that the API was exposed through the MVC model, which looks unnecessary. You don't need the whole MVC just to expose the API.

I think it was supplementary to the keynote and I appreciate it as a bonus.