Caching on the edge


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Great talk, got a whole lot of work to implement tonight!

Amazing that a 20 year old specification has so much you don't know about!

Great talk, only the second part was a little bit harder to follow if you weren't familiar with server caching.

Great preparation with examples that everyone could use and try some stuff out.

Anonymous at 15:23 on 19 May 2011

That was short!!

it could all be done in the morning session.

Although this workshop was really short (2 hours early) I was actually impressed with the content.

I've seen this workshop before, but in a regular presentation format. The thing that I liked most was the hands-on approach with the Silex microframework and the debug mode.

But next time you could fit it into a 3 hour session instead of a 6 hour one.

I agree the debug mode was impressive and the content was very interesting, but for a European conference this would need to be either shorter or more interactive.

Great tutorial, very interesting content and a very good explanation of the mechanisms.
I did learn quite a few things!

IMHO, I think the talk could've been improved in 1 of 2 ways, either remove the whole interactive time, and just make it a presentation or make the interactive time larger.

I did not really like the interactive time, after all the info was given we only had a few minutes to just "play around" with it.
I think It would be nicer if we had less explanation beforehand, then some more interactive time to figure out things for ourself and try to get stuff to work. Then after that, the 'solutions' could've been shown and/or explained.

Also, I liked Silex.