Character Sets Suck


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Anonymous at 14:07 on 21 May 2011

Interesting content and the talk was held more as a discussion than a presentation, which was quite refreshing after so many talks these days!

Entertaining, good speakers. Unfortunately Ligaya didn't say that much.

Ray is a very good speaker and I love the slight arrogance with which he presents. It's cool to see people who have lots of experience talk about this very tricky subject.

I expect that when a talk has two speakers they will take an (almost) equal part in the presentation, but not so this time. Ligaya did not say much while Ray talked a lot, not always keeping the "red thread" in the presentation.

The presentation also gave me a feeling that it was not so well rehearsed.

Interesting and useful checklist on tackling this subject, may turn into a cheatsheet. I'd suggest a bit more refinement and maybe some diagrams.

I've ran into loads of char set issues before and thought I knew a lot of tricks and best ways to configure tables/columns etc - but I learnt a new config setting at this one. If I come away from a talk learning something totally new... it's a good talk.

While ligaya didn't say much, when she did - it was invariably funny.

the only downside was that the talk could have used a little more rehearsal, oh, and that damned fly that was buzzing around Ray's head an the projector.

Left me feeling a bit disappointed due to the lack of preparation. The slides were fine, but from what I could tell Ray had never seen them. Having two presenters ended up being distracting, since it was really only Ray running through the slides. This meant there was a lack of structure to things and the flow seemed quite stilted. Some interesting bits and pieces in there, but it could have been far more effective.

Unprofessional, but few new things I did learn.

10 minutes of content, 30 minutes of pointless discussion. I wanted to learn a lot, but I have seen a stand up comedian show. Cheers:)