DPC Conference Social


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Anonymous at 08:13 on 21 May 2011

+ Easy to find
+ Free food & drink

- Very crowded
- Very noisy

I like the idea of social events, but you have to be able to socialize then, right ? Too dark, too noisy, too small.

Beverage was excellent though :)

As a suggestion for a next conference, a guided city tour would really interest me, and a few others from what I've heard around me. Even if it's a paid option.

Didn't like it that we had to leave it on time... There were not a lot of food, no typical dutch snacks.

I've only attended for a small amount of time, because it was way too loud and noisy. And that made it impossible to actually talk to anybody. I would not have picked a club as venue, most of us would be much happier in a good pub. I think last years venue, although as cramped as this one, was a lot better.

It was loud and crowed, but the loud was forgivable because it was a lot of developers talking about PHP and the crowded is forgivable because all the people were developers. I had a great time, and talked with friends new and old.

The music was way too loud for any social, talking was hardly possible. Left early because of this. Location within the city was awesome though in the dead center.

The venue didnt work for me at all. It was too noisy and too packed. Unless you were sitting right at the exit, you couldnt talk to anyone without yelling at them. I left after one beer.

Music was way too loud for the social, difficult talking to one another but the drinks were great :)!
The location was pretty good, very accessible by public transport.

It was great to see my old Ibuildings-colleagues again and I also met a lot of new very nice people.

I do think that the social is something to keep for each DPC. It is a great way to meet other developers, both big- and small names in the PHP world and talk about both tech and non-tech stuff.

PHP Developers are great, they almost seem like real people :)

As mentioned before, the music was too loud for a social.

Loud music and cramped. Quite a few groups ended up moving to different locations so we could carry on discussions from the day. Free drinks is always good though and the atmosphere was really positive.

Last year's traditional Pub was better. A club is far too loud, plus, let's be honest here, we're computer nerds - not dance divas. Would have preferred to be able to talk rather than shout at people.

That said, I do look forward to the social each time. I find it easier to talk to the speakers at an informal occasion such as that, rather than at the conference where you feel like you're queuing up to get a few minutes of their time. So thank you to the sponsors for laying it on.

The (horrible) music made any sensible discussion impossible. At any rate, why play dance music at a Social for developers? That's a marriage made in hell. right there. A quiet venue would have worked better.

Whereas the music might have been a tad to loud, it wasn't like you really couldn't talk to eachother. I agree it might have been a bit to cramped in the front, but we had plenty of space in the back.

All in all, it was a nice closure of the first day of talks. And free beer is of course always a plus.

I preferred the location of last year conference (the choice of beer was better).