Geolocation and Maps with PHP


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A little high on the api documentation, but learned about a lot of cool new services!

The talk was very informative and displayed the difference between multiple systems. In my opinion it was too much open streetmaps, too few google maps. And i was missing live maps entirely. If it sucks, it could at least be pointed out.
Overall it was quite good. Maybe a little less map demos, and more coding demos

Anonymous at 14:41 on 20 May 2011

I really liked it, a bit too much OpenStreetMap focused but very interesting.

Anonymous at 16:10 on 20 May 2011

Perfect - there could have been *more* openstreetmap though.

Good talk!

In retrospect I would have liked a "mobile web" part of the talk, because there are so many services possible for mobile phones with built-in GPS...

Well presented talk, a bit too much OpenStreetMap perhaps but it was nice to see some less-known services.

A very good talk, I was hoping that he went on a bit longer about the part where he searched for all points within a certain distance of a set of coordinates though.

How wrong was I, thinking Google maps/Earth was the only serious player. I knew geonames, but openstreetmaps is completely new to me. What a surprise for a cartographic enthousiast like me who has plotted out every trip made in Google Earth!
Nice talk as always from Derick.

I did miss something. Because the description said it would also be about storing and querying geodata I hoped to have heard techniques in doing that. Stored functions and procedures I can think of myself, but what if I need to store thousands of points myself and want to be able to quickly query them for the ones that are closest, order them by distance, query them by a polygon, stuff like that. Will be mailing about this.

I attended this talk before at php benelux. I just went to see it again because it is so interesting. A pitty that we usually have to code things that conform to the mainstream: Google Maps.

Very interesting. But I think most programmers will still use Google Maps. But good to see something else!

It'll be damned difficult to very convince a client to use something other than Google - but the was a cool talk. I was impressed by the demos and just how fast they were returning and displaying map markers.

Good talk, but a bit too much 'Look, here is OpenStreetMap, and this is how we can use it (with JS)'. Would've like a bit more conceptual talk on Geolocation features, and, as someone else here stated, maybe something on mobile web.

If anything, the talk didn't really cover the description on the site. No real focus on e.g. geo-aware data storage, manipulation and querying, which actually was the reason to attend this talk.

It was a good talk, but I think could've been better. I did like the first part, about the different coordinate systems and their backgound and differences

Good talk with some nice demo's. Was hoping to see so more practical applications like how to search for locations from PHP for instance. Some of the demo's went a bit to deep and became more something like "look what I can do with pubs".
Still, loads of useful information.