XHP has transformed how PHP is written at Facebook. An open source augmentation of the PHP language to allow XML document fragments as valid expressions, XHP changes the way front end code is developed. Using these XHP objects instead of string literals to output HTML has eliminated XSS vulnerabilities, prevented missing closing tags, and stopped invalid markup.

Learn some of the tricks Facebook has developed over the past 18 months building the first UI framework on top of XHP and see how it can be leveraged for any sized web application. I'll discuss how XHP can be used to build adaptable grid layouts, templating architectures, and progressively enhanced HTML, as well as demo how it can radically reduce the amount of time to rebuild a new site design.


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I am a php back-end developer so I usually tend to stay away from frontend related talks. But I decided to have a look what the fuss around XHP was about.

I found the talk very informative and interesting. It also made me feel like "I want to try this out!" so you captured my interest and made me curious for more. That's wha a good conference talk should do, hense the 5 stars.

Good and interesting talk! Beside that it's nice to get a quick behind the scenes at facebook!

A good (and short and sweet) introduction into XHP. If not for a lot of questions, the talk would have run quite short. I would perhaps suggest to fill that up by showing some more configuration/examples that tells you how to get started with XHP.

Rated 4

Koen at 15:23 on 21 May 2011

Agree with Dereck that installing or configuring it could be included. Good presentation though, well done!

Rated 4

Anonymous at 17:56 on 21 May 2011

Good presentation. Could be more thorough, but it was inspiring as it was, I hope XHP will really take off from now.

Interesting talk, nice to see some "under the hood" information on Facebook and very well presented.
Also the level of technical details was good. 4 thumbs up!

I can imagine that implementing XHP was a LOT of work, but I could not help but just seeing a polished SMARTY templating engine.... but perhaps that is just me?

The talk might have been improved with a complete and concrete case that would be different than Facebook's one. Anyway, good and interesting presentation!

Good talk that was very motivating. There was some room left that could be used to show how it is installed and configured.