HTML5 for PHP Developers


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I felt that the PHP component was very much lacking in this talk. Apart from mentioning it as a side note I wasn't really impressed. I hope the remark "this is procedural code so it should be easy for PHP developers" was meant as a joke because otherwise it would only serve to offend your audience. In general I felt the talk started out as promising (esp. the part about Ajax/comet/long poll) but finally failed to deliver as it progressed.

Nice talk, but parts of it were like a HTML5 feature listing and which browsers support what. I think if you tell a story people will be more into it and will remember it better. In my opinion completeness is not a goal of a lecture.

I'm a HTML5 enthousiast myself and did not feel the enthusiasm in this presentation. The subject is way too broad to cover all of it in one track. (Best is to focus on one element, e.g. Local Storage). It would be easier and there are lots of side effects in PHP to talk about, so it would not lack the PHP Component.
Nevertheless.. It was an great overview of HTML5, and I think he made a great point by telling that the web landscape is changing, and the role of PHP within that landscape is changing too.

Anonymous at 08:05 on 21 May 2011

The talk was very interesting and good done, but was more a HTML5 tutorial, was expecting some PHP tips and tricks. Good work anyway!

Anonymous at 18:09 on 21 May 2011

Agree with the comments above; did not really relate to PHP, but rather web-development in general. Although the information was useful and interesting, it's in the HTML5-specs and i'm sure there are browser-compatibility overviews out there. The presentation itself was not bad at all, just the contents were underwhelming.

I also agree with the other comments. Interesting talk, easy to follow and nice slides, but mostly a HTML5 tutorial. Maybe we should go develop Javascript more :)

Missed the php aspect as well, but nice talk on html5.
I was surprised there was no reference to

Like said before, as an overview of HTML5, it was good, but there was little connecting it to PHP. Also, the statement that what we do nowadays is 50% PHP and 50% JS, was grocely overstated (at least in our company).

Having said that, the slides on short and long polling where probably the funiest ones of the entire conference, and as a HTML5 overview, it was a nice talk.