IPv6 for PHP Developers


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The speaker is very knowledgable and it shows. It's hard to find the balance on the thin line between overview and in-depth for this subject with a diverse audience like this, but I think the speaker did manage this. Speaking personally, I feel that the introduction & IPv6 overview is stretched a little bit too long. Also, the PHP function that maps IPv4 and IPv6 to packed addresses might have been part of the presentation since it's such a big design pitfall for most beginners.

Interesting talk, some good points addressed on using IPV6, and some good takeaways.

It shows that David knows what he is talking about; he gave a good impression of the new challenges involved with IPv6 and PHP. I was only missing a reference to the inet_pton and inet_ntop functions.

Great content well presented. Good stuff.

Very nice presentation. David really knows his stuff and it shows. Throws in a joke every now and then which keeps the air light while still being very informative.