Isolation for your tests


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Interesting tuturial but running the git commands to keep up with the tutorial was a little bit distracting.

Since the "Caching on the Edge" tutorial finished early, I stepped in on this tutorial at the end (last hour).

I was able to grasp some of the concepts, not all was new to me but it did give me a few new pointers in writing tests, especially when dealing with parts of the software that are external.

I had a difficult time understanding what was said due to the accent of the speaker, this in combination with the very very high speed made it almost impossible to understand any information presented.
I noticed the following: when Giorgio asked if there were any question, there were pretty much none. I do not think this was because the information was so clear, but because because most people had no clue what he was talking about and wanted to "get it over with". Perhaps not everyone shares this opinion but I have talked to a few people that attended the whole presentation and definitely agreed on it.

A possible improvement would be a slower pace for the information presented, it would give the attendees time to "translate" the spoken information and then digest the actual content of that information.

My rating below is about the content and the way of presentting the information (using slides & flip-over, enthusiasm of speaker, etc.). I did not take the above problems into consideration for the rating.

Anonymous at 20:15 on 22 May 2011

Because the interactivity was limited to browring to the commit history I just opened two github tabs, one with the tests and one with the source.

This way i could give more attention to what was said.

I think the first example took too long. Part of that time could be spend on a framework example.