Modular Application Architecture


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Try to not focus on your time but on your content. You're "losing" precious time at every start of your presentation.

Very nice overview of some real world patterns, and the packed room proved how much this is a struggle for many

Nice brush-up on various approaches, and a realistic conclusion : no silver bullet, yet there are proven ways.

Good presentation, very educational.
Interaction with the audience was good (raising hands)
You guys were relaxed and handed over stuff to each other smoothly.
Good summary up front and at the end, maybe also a table (red/green) would have been even better.
Real-life examples!

Slides could have used a little more color contrast.
The subject matter could maybe have been made a little more interesting or understandable using animations (this ofcourse costs time to make).
There were a few spelling errors

Nice overview of the many ways modular applications can be architectures. I would've preferred a more in-detail approach of just one or two of them though.

You did both transmit your enthusiasm !

Good talk, try to wake people up with examples and not hand raising. Also agree with glamorous on the time thing

very informative talk, not "dry" at all, although it would have been nice to see some more "best practische" thank you both

Anonymous at 18:23 on 21 May 2011

Like :-) Pretty thorough, but easy to digest. Good presentation style and interesting content.

Small tip: if the other guy interrupts you to add something, try to make it look more like that was intended, i.o. waiting for him to finish, and then continue with what you were saying as if nothing happened. Say "Yes, that's right" (like radio hosts do) or something :)

But you did work together very well, and interaction went smooth otherwise.

The talk covered a lot in a very short time, which made it sometimes hard to follow. I didn't think it was dry, just rushed. I can see this talk work well with more time. For the short 45 minutes at DPC it might have made sense to focus on the overview and leave out the obscure real world examples of oxid and PHPBB. Still, a good talk.

A clear overview with pros and cons for each solution.

Good talk, a bit too 'easy' on the techniques, and the tag-teaming didn't work for either presenter, Tobias previously did a lot better when he was on stage by himself.