Optimizing MySQL Essentials


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Great general tips (including religious arguments), but breezed over the reasoning behind some of the query optimizations, and not enough information about indexes based on those optimizations. But an otherwise informative and mostly well presented talk.

I've learned a few interesting things mostly on the server configuration part of the presentation.

M Deroo presented his part in a very interactive and humorous manner which I loved.

Ligaya was a bit nervous at first, but then went on nicely with her part. A few more talks and she'll be a great presenter!

Very interesting, and very usefull tips. Covered a lot of ground. Both on the configuring server, and optimizing the database and tables itself, and the queries.

I liked it, and I even managed to pick up some things. However, Raymond should probably leave out the parts about hitting people with bats and breaking fingers.

Liked the talk. Reminded me of talks given by mr. Pipes over the years. Mr. DeRoo seemed to steal the show, but ms Turmelle didnt seem to mind though :)

I'll agree with derick. Raymond obviously has lots of in-depth knowledge about MySQL, but I guess it would be more beneficial to his audiences if he could focus more on sharing this knowledge, instead of "breaking the fingers" every two minutes.

Anonymous at 20:21 on 22 May 2011

As entertaining as educational.