Searching with Solr - Why, When and How


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This presentation wasn't really what I expected of it (could be my fault). Too generic and stuff I already knew. Presentation style was a bit boring, especially after the great keynote.

It was an informative talk, and learned a lot on the subject. But too bad it was not covering any examples.
Also a lot of bullit points on the presentation, which made him read from the screen.

It was a good introduction to Solr, but I would probably have liked a few more examples (instead of bullet points). It might also be a good idea to focus more on setting up and features than on why to use it. It's important to know when to look at it, but the balance was in my opinion a bit off.

F at 12:01 on 20 May 2011

Paul seemed a little bit nervous, but nevertheless a good basic introduction to searching with Solr. A bit of example code would probably enhance the talk.

I've expected how to start with solr, what to expect and how is the best practise to implement it. Little bit disappointed in the content and sorry but the enthousiasm wasn't there.

Paul knows what he's talking about, but needs to put a little more effort in the delivery part.

I'd love to see more:

- Enthusiasm
- User interaction
- Setup & configuration
- Code examples
- In depth stuff

But still, the foundation of the talk is good and therefor deserves a 3 star rating. I'll definitely check this talk out again to see how it evolved.

I was hoping it would be a bit more focussed on the details of solr, and less on the why. The speaker can still learn quite a bit about presentation skills too.
It was a good introduction though, so I give 3 thumbs up.

A nice introduction, since I knew hardly anything about Solr. Not really focussed on how to use Solr from php. Almost a business perspective, because a lot of time was spent explaining why you would or would not need solr. Not much personal energy in the presentation style.

A bit too generic. Maybe you can be more technical (json/xml output / Rest / PECL PHP wrapper / Schema).
Most of us were programmers :-).

Like other comments, not what I expected and too generic.
One big plus, mentioning Elastic search, a search engine I didn't heard of before and now going to look into :)

Too generic. Some of the stuff he said (like what kind of searches there are) I could have also looked up in the manual.
Also, giving a list of "maybe you can use it then" (maybe being the operative word here) without giving any definitives as to when I really should use it doesn't really help me a lot.

Other than that is was an okay overview of Solr.

It was an okay overview of Solr but I it could use some more in-depth information it seemed more like a business perspective of Solr. Perhaps my expectations were incorrect.

The presentation could use more energy. I heard that the speaker DOES have that energy, it just did not work out so well this time. So Paul, take not of some tips in all these comments but do not feel too bad about any negativity.

You can do it :)!

Boring talk, Paul spoke only in monotone, not really motivating to get into regardless of content, which was lacking to begin with. Anyone with access to Google can look up the same info in 15 minutes, and come up with a couple of useful implementation strategies in the rest of the time time the talk took.

The presentation could have been delivered better but I found the content interesting. I was keen to know more on Solr and search solutions so can take away from this some good starting points from this presentation.