Tasks, daemons, light blubs


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Dirk demonstrated some cool tools. Definitely something to look into when I'm back home. I guess 15 minutes is not enough time to show everything you wanted to show, resulting in going too fast.

Very interesting talk, and showing off the light that's turned on and off with PHP is pretty cool! Only downside is the English language skills of the speaker, which could be improved a bit more.

Good talk.
Would've liked to see more of the lightbulb stuff though.
And I didn't quite get how the Daemon was better / different from the alternatives.
Could've benefited from more time.

Interesting project. The idea of being able to monitor all of your scheduled background scripting processes through a web interface is really nice. The refreshing of that page could benefit from the knowledge provided in the comet talk.

To bad you didn't have a longer slot indeed, because the home automation stuff was now a very small part, but it definitely triggered my curiosity.

The way you presented from behind your laptop most of the time in somewhat poor English wasn't really enjoyable, but your subject definitely is.

Nice talk, and I think the project fills a gap that has existed for a while. I'll certainly give it a whirl some time.