The new era of PHP frameworks


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Talking about frameworks and calling them by name tends to generate flame/hate but the speaker managed to explain his reasons and calling things out in a way that, i think, really added to the presentation.

The amount of real life examples made it really easy to follow along for all the things one has already seen and since everything was rehashed in a short understandable language the unfamiliar things also made sense pretty fast.

The point the speaker made about entering the next phase of PHP frameworks is something i can easily relate too from personal experience. Also it was nice to see that the talk focused on the major frameworks and didn't spend much time on all the little new PHP 5.3 that are just starting out (and that i don't consider part of this new phase as the are making many of the same errors as it's their first iteration).

The overview of new concepts things like the PSR Autoloader, Namespaces, DI, XML/YAML and DICs was a short and didn't go into the detail or the issue of using the PSR way or when DIC might not be applicable but giving the MASSIVE amount of content that was talked about that is completely understandable.

I'd rather have a talk with lots of personal opinions than a talk that only includes 1/3 of the content because it has to navigate around the issues.

Anonymous at 18:29 on 21 May 2011

Your presentation kind of gave me an tiny excuse for not having used frameworks so far, but it seems like from this year I can't ignore it anymore. There was a lot of useful information in your talk; presentation was clear and had good examples.

a very good presentation.

I didnt always get who Joe was refering to when he said "we" but that's just a minor thing. The talk gave a good overview over the current state of PHP frameworks and what to expect from the next generation of PHP frameworks. Some of what was suggested as desirable features in next-gen frameworks was rather opinionated in my book and debatable (just add beer) but unfortunately, there wasnt enough time to do so.

One of the best presentations I attended in my opinion. The content was good and the presentation was clear.