Why Google Maps sucks


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Anonymous at 16:19 on 20 May 2011

Interesting to see all the maps but had the feeling that he didn't prepare the talk much.

Good overview of Open Street Maps and how it differs from Google Maps. Indeed, it looks like OSM seems more detailed than Google Maps, at least in big cities where lots of people/mappers live

@Anonymous: I indeed didn't prepare this much; as it came to mind on the morning to get people to put talks up on the schedule. I'm considering turning this into a real talk, but then it has nothing to do with PHP :-)

I like Derick's deeply geeky talks and this was on the way to being it. Preparation not an issue since it was the uncon and a lightning talk, more like a guided tour and conversation with the audience. Actually, I can't really think of any criticisms other than I want the detail that a full talk would give.

Interesting project, I had never heard of it. Honestly, I do not think it really belonged in the DPC Uncon.

I actually did like the way of presenting it. It was chaotic but very energetic and fun to listen to which made up for the chaos.

1 thumb for the contents, 4 for the presentation.

Excellent idea to drop it in uncon.
@derick, here's another f***up for your collection: 52.37343, 4.89090
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