Writing documentation the easy way


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Not quite what we expected. It was more about user manuals, rather than code documentation. More talk preperation would have been nice, as we did not quite grasp your train (of slightly stockato) of thought.

Ran a bit short which is a shame, but that can be fixed by extending it a bit. Perhaps managing the expectations by choosing a better session title would also be good.

It was a bit hard to follow the story. I guess the speaker was nervous and maybe not to well prepared. would have liked to see more about how docbook works and the benefits for using it for technical documentation.

Also expected more about technical code documentation. The speaker was obviously nervous but not to the point where it became a problem. The speed of the content was too fast. The sheets, I think, were ok, but some sheets came and went without all the contents being handled. If you have sheets with bulleted lists make sure you mention and explain them.

Not that unpleasant to attend to, but I felt like a missed 80% of what you wanted to tell me.

The title of the session was indeed misleading and should be something like 'Write multi-language manuals, the easy way'. I also thought, just like Dennis, it would be a session with technics and tips on writing code documentation easier and faster.
The speaker was indeed, visible, nervous, which made the session a bit hard to follow.

The abstracts sketched the wrong picture of what the talk was going to be about, also the subject was a bit off-topic for a PHP conference, so many people, including myself, felt a bit cheated, there probably where more interesting talks going on at that moment. Bram was also noticeably new and uncertain about presenting, this is not a bad thing, but improvement is very welcome, specifically the flow of the talk, don't pause for more than a few seconds, and try to engage the audience a bit more.