Zend Framework from the CLI


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Interesting to see how Cal approached cli via ZF. Some interesting ideas in <blink>His Way</blink>.

Pity the example didn't work, maybe try it before the talk next time ;-)

Great talk by the mighty Cal, black/white slides keeps it simple and interesting usage of contextswitching

interesting talk, too bad the sample didnt wokr

Was hoping to see the sample in action. Picked up some interesting stuff.

Smooth delivery and Cal is very engaging. More of a natural conversation with the audience than a presentation, which is fun. Shame the code example didn't run and it felt like that might have been preventable with a little preparation (that said, my own code demo wasn't the best).

Looking forward to seeing the code on GitHub, some interesting options in there.

Good intro to Zend_Tool and the like...

Good talk and very interesting! A quick overview in the possibilities and nevermind the demo wasn't working. The concept was clear.

I love the energy and humor (or the lack of it ;-)) of Cal!

Really nice talk. Good highlighting of the flexibility of Zend Framework. The fact you didn't have to change the code since 2007 probably explains why you didn't remember how the commandline parameters had to be specified. Although this wasn't harmful to the point you were making about the flexibility of ZF, I think storing the commands in a sample usage section in your help text view would help your next presentation, and your friend who is going to make our phones ring.

Nice presentation. Good energy flow. I just tried TROPO. quite funny!

Loads of energy from Cal as always. You just know it wouldn't matter what the content is - if Cal is gong to deliver it, you will pay attention and enjoy it.

It amazes me that someone with such really bad jokes can be so humorous.

The large text on plain white slides was really easy to read, especially for code samples.