ZeroMQ Is The Answer


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Good talk with clear examples. Nice.

Thanks for this talk, I got a very good idea how 0MQ compares to other MQ servers. I really will try 0MQ with some greenfield or pet project soon. The ratio information to presentation time was good for me, but I suspect it could be overwhelming if you don't know concepts like ESB and PubSub. The slides, though beautiful, could perhaps be improved by making clear if the nodes are clients, servers or 0MQ instances. I really liked the code examples!

Fast moving informative talk, really interesting concepts.
++ on the pointing device next time.

Likes the many (simple) examples on the different queue types. Good talk with some nice homework in the form of mongrel2.

Loved the talk, truelly inspiring into the usages of ZeroMQ in all types of situations. A pointer device would have been a handy addition. Fast moving at times but it was also very inticing into the benefits of zeroMq :)

Good talk. Lot's of examples.

Very interesting overview of ZeroMQ with good examples. Agree with above comments.

Nice talk & well prepared. It went *really* fast though, and a pointing device would've been a good thing to point the code bits you were commenting.

All in all, a great talk, very instructive :)

Pity the slides aren't available for download...

very interesting talk, good samples and pace.

This was an excellent start to the day. Very interesting subject. The example code was easy to follow and the live demos worked flalessly. Ian's speaking style is very good. Good clear speaker

Really informative talk with a lot of content; makes me think how I could use this as I see a huge potential! The code was easy to follow and very informative.

Anonymous at 18:37 on 21 May 2011

Very good talk, has really inspired me to explore ZeroMQ. This was exactly what I was looking for! Many examples that made it look easy. As others said, please use the pointer. It was high-paced, but good, except that I didn't know all terms and abbreviations. Besides that, good presentation!

Interesting discussion and good examples. Will be looking into 0MQ for log aggregation. Also thought it was interesting how many areas of this architecture overlap with some of the principles behind node.js. Well done overall.

Good and clear presentation. The code examples did a good job in showing the usage and benefits of ZeroMQ.

Very instructive and good live examples! Thumbs up!