A Knapsack of Geotools: More than Just Google Maps


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Interesting stuff. Good explanation and tips.

Pleasantly surprised to have a geo talk at a php conference. Great overview on the various services available, and their pros and cons.

Not really what I was expecting, but that doesn't make it less interesting. Geolocation-related customer questions just got a bunch of new answers and starting points to look, for me. Presentation itself could've -maybe- used some code samples for the different services and systems (like the MongoDB example), and some less ip-based locating (short version: it works, but not really well). Good talk though, all in all.

We are working on this topic in my company. Most of the things that we was looking for geosearch was here. And he also bring more sites and services that provides geo service, that is essential and very useful to make a good search.

Blown a way by the mathematical/theoretical intro. It proves Geolocation is way more complicated than people think.

Great overview of what tools are around. Would like to see more practical info next time, perhaps some code examples. Nevertheless a 5-star talk.

Anonymous at 08:49 on 11 Jun 2012

Very interesting talk, many pointers to stuff to check out.