Agile Applications with ExtJS and Zend Framework


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Thanks! Learned a lot about ExtJS.

Anonymous at 07:28 on 9 Jun 2012

Chris, i think you should engage the people more during your tutorial. It was more of a presentation than an actual tutorial, it would be great if you printed out some assignments and we could all actually learn a little by doing it ourselves.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us though! :)

Thanks for the feedback @Fabien and Anonymous - you can tell I'm more used to the general session presentation style. Thanks for the reminder to bring more interactivity in future tutorials!

It's great that you take the time and effort to learn people something about ExtJS/ZF but in my opinion the session felt a little boring while the subject wasn't. Try to activate your listeners more by making jokes, showing funny pictures, compare stuff and ask questions to your attendees. Also there was a lot of theoretical stuff and only some practicing on the end of the session.

Although ExtJS looks like a pretty cool thing!

Unfortunately the talk was waaaay to general. One who never saw ExtJS in his life was bombed with a ton of info, while one who already put his hands on the Sencha's framework didn't learn anything new... so at the end no one wins...

It was interesting, but as I think at the beginning of each talk/tutorial the speaker should present his/her aims for that day, or in other words: he/she should motivate the audience - this was not the case. Showing all examples of ExtJS was not a good decision too, for that it could be better to explain the base idea of ZendFramework etc.

One suggestion would be more interactivity.
And another... more clear examples... maybe something step by step.
I appreciated all the info.