Continuous data processing and PHP


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Interesting user case. We'll probably not face those huge amounts of data at our company, but there were some bits and pieces that we could apply to our own data set.

All in all a good talk. But a litle bit to many "Another problem that we had"... ;) It was just a never ending story

Good talk. I like the fact that the talk was based on real world example. I work on project that deals with large amount of data so it was interesting to hear how others solved some issues - or how and where they made wrong choice :)

Interesting case-study with interesting solutions. Speaker spoke a bit monotonous.

Anonymous at 09:35 on 9 Jun 2012


Work on your presentation style, you could have shown some more enthusiasm. I hadnt expected a case study, maybe you can flip the talk around and address the general issues and what solutions are possible, and which one is better, which one you used and why we should or should not do it your way.

I think it was very courageous of you to do a presentation of a real life solution that you are responsible for and that caused you so many headaches. It is a never ending story if you have to deal with such amounts of data. It was really nice to hear about the many very practical decisions you had to make.

I once had the opportunity to help people dealing with similar (well, slightly smaller) amounts of data on the php side, and it was risky and fun at the same time, so I was very interested to hear how you went about. I also learned a few things. I do not think your presentation style was any worse than the average presentation style encountered on events like these and I don't care much, because you had something to say, and there: you said it. Thank you.

Ok speaker but the subject was the complete project, not just data processing. I expected more strategies and tools (besides the message queue in a cloud) instead of tweaks. Sticking to MySQL because it's familiar is a decision I could easily make too and I came to this talk to hear other alternatives and why to choose a particular one. This probably should have been a topic of research in the project, but of course I don't know all the factors involved. To talk about decisions made that were completely unrelated to the subject was an obvious mistake. These are things an attendee probably already knows and if they don't it is covered too briefly.

Not a boring talk and kind of interesting, but while I think I didn't know a lot about dealing with big data I didn't learn a lot. I still feel I don't know enough to choose a direction when I will be dealing with big data.