Cooking up a Virtual Development Environment


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Good overall hands-on of Vagrant.
I would have liked a more thorough exploration of Chef though.

Good hands-on tutorial, really made me want to experiment more with it.

Nice tutorial. I would also have liked a bit further depth into chef and actually installing some more custom modules or software with it. Hard to fit more into a half-day tutorial I understand. But I wouldn't have minded making it a full day to fit that in.

Great workshop, I like Alistair's presentation style for workshops like this. The fact that it was hands on and not a 3 hour presentationf is really a plus. I would have prefered a bit more focus an chef.

Anonymous at 11:27 on 11 Jun 2012

Best tutorial ever!

very good setp by step from installing tools to getting the VM up and editing + very helpful with any problems that came up.