Creating Re-usable Modules for Zend Framework 2


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Great tutorial. Useful information about the general topic and enough in-depth information. Also liked the added part at the end with ad-hoc interaction. Tip: put on the final code of the main tutorial on the memory stick, this saves people time from typing. Thanks!

I think that my initial research on ZF2 helped me to understand the tutorial better then a newbee. For a newbee, the tutorial might have been to fast paced...

But still well done! And do keep peeping! :)

I've wanted to go to a MWOP tutorial for some time now and finally got to go!
Matthew is an all round nice guy and an excellent speaker who takes wifi failures and live coding in his stride.
The technical expertise is unrivaled and it is no wonder his tutorials are always sold out.

That said, one improvement I would have made, from experience giving workshops, is to move away from having people typing in code and to get people to solve actual small problems using something like unit tests.
For instance there was a small flaw in the example that when a directory was not defined or writable to the server the contact form would give a cryptic fatal error, chasing this bug down was fun and taught me a lot about the ServiceManager and DI in ZF2.

Regardless, enjoyed the talk a lot. A++ would go again.

Anonymous at 11:45 on 8 Jun 2012

Definitely fast paced for a newbie, but a great general overview of ZF2 and the many changes that have taken place since version 1.

Would've loved to have the source code ahead of time instead of having to wait for one of 2 thumb drives to make their way around the room. Following along was made more difficult by having to try to set everything up on the fly.

Anonymous at 19:16 on 8 Jun 2012

Not enough preparation, too much "passing the usb stick" forgetting to place files on that usb. Paced too fast for what was meant to be a first encounter with a completely rewritten framework. Sorry but a bit underwhelming.

Great tutorial, but i could imagine that for a complete newbie it was a bit fast paced. Next time i should focus on explaining the source and give all the source in advance. I enjoyed!

Anonymous at 07:34 on 9 Jun 2012

Matthew, let me just say that i really enjoyed your tutorial, we only got in at half time but were still able to (sort of) pick up. The only thing that could use improvement is the live coding examples. This could be overcome by making the tutorial some kind of assignment where you could hand out hard copy's so that we can fully grasp what we're doing. This of course can prove difficult for a big audience, but i think you can pull it off!

I enjoyed the tutorial and will be coding in Zend Framework 2 with more self-confidence from now on. That was the goal that I had set for this day.

It was a pleasure listening to you while trying to keep up with the typing :)

You were also very helpful even on an individual basis, when things didn't run smoothly. Thank you!

Overal good workshop but would have been better to have ll the code upfront now there where times i was not realy listening because i was trying to get the code working.

Great talk on ZF2 and I'll definately be using it when it comes out.

The only 'bad' part was that it was a bit fast paced and you could easily get lost while trying to set everything up on the fly.

slides seems great... but is there any recording for this talk say for example on youtube?