ElasticSearch [R]evolution: Welcome


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A great talk/overview - well paced, good examples, just need to see the slide pack now!

The pace was a bit high at the beginning; maybe a small introduction to the purposes/uses of Elasticsearch would be useful. A very useful overview of all ES features however.

Although there was a lot of information to consume in a short period of time, I think he nailed it ;) great talk with nice demos! Will certainly play with it next week!

Nice talk and great demos!

Even though the subject is very technical and there was a lot of information to relay, it was very well done.

Demos were great as well.

Great talk wished we had more than 45 mintues for the talk.

Cool talk with speedy but nice demos. Really makes me want to play around with it!

Cool talk! Loved that the demo was not too difficult, but difficult enough to show the possibilities. Very efficient use of copy+paste for the curl statements. :)

Great talk, the 45 minutes were to short! Probably next time it would be nice to show the differences with other search engines like Solr.

It was clear that your talk needs a longer slot. So much information in just 45 minutes!
Still, with the high pace, you presented the information well!

Great talk, lots of examples that can be directly applied to our problems on a day to day basis. It could use more "life" but it was a great intro to the subject.

Really good presentation (right mixture of theory and examples) und interesting topic. I must try this!! :)

Great! Great examples.

Andrei knows his stuff and knows how to do technical in-depth talks. Enjoyable because of his relaxed style and the solid content.

Great introduction to something I did not use before, which is what this conference is about for me.

Excellent comprehensive overview.

Good talk, well explained.

I'll definately try to play around with it soon'ish

Very interesting talk. The only downside was that it was right after lunch, and I was suffering a bit from an after lunch dip.

Anonymous at 19:47 on 11 Jun 2012

Did you enjoy speaking? It did not show.

Anonymous at 12:24 on 12 Jun 2012