Estimation or 'How to Dig Your Own Grave


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Lots of pitfalls and best practices of estimation in general with hypothetical examples and a smooth story. Good structure, easy to follow - only thing I kinda expected was more hands-on work in this workshop. But then again, to be honest, I have no idea how you would tie that in to the subject at hand. Maybe some role-playing examples or something like that? Ties in nicely with your D&D cone reference :)

I really enjoyed the presentation and actually took quite some things from it. This one really made me rethink my current approach on the evening after the talk and made me aware that actually I had multiple problems with my current estimations. I think the real value lies in that there are so many pitfalls mentioned and so many suggestions made to improve estimation, that everybody who follows this talk will have something to take back home. Laid-back presenter who really made an effort with both his slides and his story. If I must make some comment on improving, it would be that I think this presentation is better of as a talk rather than a workshop. At the same time I must admit that this has not bothered me at all during the presentation.

Anonymous at 15:57 on 11 Jun 2012

Good workshop I also enjoyed the presentation. It was easy to follow with enough humor. Like one of the other comments already mentioned, perhaps for the next time a little more hands-on approach with more dept in the details. It would be very helpful to give more examples of how to write good stories so that the estimation will be more clear for the development team.