Event and Signal Programming


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Very interesting talk. A bit hard to wrap your head around, especially it the limited examples. The presenter have a good talking style and the speed is good.

Great talk about events and patterns even though it was a little short

Nice overview of the different design patterns involved.

Sheets where pretty clear and the speed was good.

Good talk, very clear, although I would like to see more (real-world) examples.

Intersting topic, but not the best presentation (always moving around with mouse pointer) and examples: From my perspective of view examples about (event-driven) windows desktop applications would not really help in implementing (event-driven) webapplications or their backends.

The content is hard to be explained in 45 minutes, but she did well. I liked to see the different patterns and related with others systems/languages.

Good talk, though probably too fast paced (perhaps not the speaker's fault). There was not really enough time to let the different patterns sink in, but at least I know what to Google for :)

Natural speaker, but though the walking around worked, it was a bit too much. The theoretical part was very interesting though maybe a bit too fast. The practical part was not very structured. Maybe it's a good idea to not completely split the theoretical and practical parts but show some practices after a pattern.

I think the amount of information was a little too much for the time we actually had.
I liked the design patterns talk, but in my point of view it would've been better to explain one or two real-world examples in depth.

Nice talk. Good pace. A lot of theory.