Frisby.js: BDD for your REST API


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Enjoyed this talk and as a result will check Frisby out :)

Good talk. Will be checking Frisby.js out in the near future.

BDD for REST and JSON. Great. Had issues with Jasmine in the past, especially using in Maven or CI tools, but for the Twinkey I'll give an extra star. should even protect from Zombies:-D

Good talk. eI enjoyed the use case of having a separate repo for the test suite public for a closed source api.

The only thing i wish was covered a bit more was a bit more coverage of workflow integration iwith BDD.

Kinda went here because the other two courses didn't seem that interesting, but I wasn't disappointed. I don't see any form of testing like this happening soon in my company, but the principles as used by Frisby.js are applicable to any set of testing instructions, I think.

Can't complain about being in over my head as it was an expert level talk, so I won't go there, but I do think it would be a good idea to have your examples a bit more ordered - it was a bit chaotic and for some reason people cannot type AT ALL when people are watching. You did a fairly good job, but still :)

Will definitely check frisby out! Didn't like the presentation of the code much though, I was a lot to take in at the same time, and you flew over it in a very high pace. It also felt very ad-hoc. If editing code in real-time fails, it is often best to avoid it and give code examples in your slides. The theoretical stuff was great though, very useful.

We will check frisby out to use with our private api's. The talk was nice, allot of code and examples so I got a good overall impression of what Frisby can do for us.

Excellent talk. Well presented and a lot of in-depth information supported by practical examples.

However, i was a little bit disappointed that there is no support for XML, and found out about this while I was in the room already. Made the presentation more or less useless to me. Put it in the talk abstract next time!

Great talk. Really covered what I wanted to know after a 1 minute visit to the frisby.js site before chosing the talk. I think we will also be trying it out very soon.

After a while when he showed the examples i thought "oh my the nesting" but luckily he expeted that and offered some solutions for that. Overall an intresting talk

Very good talk, and well prepared. Frisby.js looks to be a bit too complex with too much nesting of if-statements all over the place.

But overall this was one of the most interesting presentations at the conference.

Anonymous at 08:39 on 11 Jun 2012

Very good and informative talk.