I Teach PHP - HELP!


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Really touched upon a topic that many in the community have with the quality of Computer Science teaching in universities.

I enjoyed the interaction with the speaker. Teaching PHP in the academic world is apparently frowned upon, whereas there are plenty of job vacancies. To Clinton Imgrams: perhaps you can also post your situation on http://programmers.stackexchange.com/ I'm sure you'll be able to find some sympathizers.

to Fritz. Thanks for the suggestion. I do plan to release the teaching code i mentioned in the near future.

A great talk showing insights into the current state of academia. I really enjoyed the presentation and the interaction with the speaker.

The slides should have been a little better / more goal focused but he got all his points across and I think we had a good discussion.

I have uploaded an example of the code I use for teaching to https://github.com/cfingrams/mcrypt_example. I think I have configured github correctly to allow contributions from anyone interested. Please let me know what you think.