PHP in the Dark - shell scripts, daemons & parallel processing


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Great tutorial covering a fun area of coding, not often explored. Really good code examples and something new to learn with every slide.

Good content and sample types. Can improve the quality of code, there is a tons of fail points that is not nice to show as sample to people to follow as good example.

Good talk and nice examples, really loved the part about parallel processing (it was a bit to short if you ask me, you spend to much time on colors I think ;-).
But keep in mind that it was a tutorial so don't forget to interact with your audience and give us something to do so we can learn in real life :)

Not enough interaction, or not enough tutorial-like session. It was like a talk.

The content was good. Though, I would have appreciated a more thorough/in-depth approach on some on the distributed/parallel processing and supervision of daemon.

NB : I have a C background, so the IPC, sockets, fork, etc... part were already known to me.

More talk than workshop. Work on updating the slides and have them more prepared in memory. Know where you're files are at. Not all bad though, the info was very insightful. Thank you.

Great talk about the dark sideof PHP programming. I was missing a bit more hands on, since it was a tutorial.

Some very nice examples of some little explored area of php. Would have like to have seen some more hands on work as it was a tutorial.

Yep, a more hands-on approach would have been great, but I must say that I enjoyed it very much. Saw a whole different side of PHP which I didn't use that often and some common pitfalls were discussed, so thanks for pointing those out!

There were too many examples without having relationship to webdevelopment, in school this lecture is called "system-programming". I only stayed there til the coffee-break, sorry!
System-programming therefore was explaind pretty good, but I think I was attending a web-dev-conference.

Dominik, did you read the outline before subscribing to the talk? It clearly stated it was about php in a non-web context. When you are into real web application development, you will have jobs that will have to be executed in a non-web context. It will never be the main focus, but in support. You didn't stay for the second half where we drilled into daemons, parallel processing and inter process communication (imho the most interesting part), which is a pity.

Good talk, but being in the tutorial day I thought it would have a lot more interaction.

I've used most things being talked about but still managed to pick up some bits and pieces of useful information. A bit too long to actually be only a talk from that viewpoint.

Anonymous at 20:40 on 9 Jun 2012

Not really hands-on, but lot's of information on the topic with lot's of live (working) demos.

I enjoyed it very much and i think that more hands-on examples would have limited the material we saw.

Try not to be so nervous in the beginning. :)

Not reaLly a workshop so therfore i vote 3/5 but nevertheless I've leaned some new things, so tnx!

Great talk, I too was missing a bit more hands on, since it was a tutorial.
At the start of the talk it was too simple, but the rest of the talk gave me quite a few new insights, especially on parallel processing and such.

I also like the live demos.
The speaker seemed a bit nervous, no need, you did a great job!

Good stuff... A lot of theory (which most of us know from school) but otherwise ok.
No interactivity. It was a tutorial after all.

I learned a lot about shell scripting. Jeroen has deep knowledge on the stuff. It was great looking on parallel processing, memory management, signaling at such a low level. Even better we got many standalone scripts which work out of the box and is a great place to start with.
Missing interaction is a minus, however it would have reduce the amount of knowledge received significantly