Rasmus Lerdorf will do the Saturday opening keynote!


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Good talk and nice to see that Rasmussen actually cares that people contribute to PHP. But I did not like the moral bashing. Not the bast way of making people contribute, starting by saying that what the do does not matter.

Nice start of the day.

Anonymous at 11:02 on 9 Jun 2012

Thanks for talk. And good to know about the stuff you have to put up with.

Started a bit slow - good message but I'm not sure if it gets across at the time of day for a programmer-heavy meeting - no matter what we like to do, we tend to do what sales gets us to do.

After that it contained a lot of interesting things, especially about the workings of PHP's development and how people could help out... and a couple of interesting anecdotes :)

Help us make PHP better!

Too much of a sales pitch for my taste. Some good bits though.

Good start of day two. A lot of things together, but nice talk in the end.

Too much of a "make a difference" talk. I like the part about how to contribute to php, but the intro should have been something technical useful.

My expectations were a bit higher than what was delivered. I liked the idea of getting everyone to contribute back to php as well, since we keep "forgetting" that PHP is open source as well. Could have been more inspiring as well. Rasmus seemed nervous or something because he sounded really weird in the beginning.

Very interesting presentation from technical point of view as from philosophical was.

Very cool talk and some parts made me think.

Nice talk...food for thoughts...

After yesterdays great keynote from Douglas Crockford I had high hopes for today, especially as it was 'the man himself' center stage. Instead, we got a preachy message about how our work was pointless unless it was saving human lives followed by some general mocking of oblivious devs and end users.

The crux of the speach was actually an excellent message about how PHP really does need the help of the community to fix problems and test features. Unfortunately for me, it was hard to get back on the Rasmus-train by the time we got around to this part.

One thing that was mentioned (and then retweeted by several) was that php would rather have developers than money donated. Does money not equal developers? If it's a case of not wanting to offend the volunteers by starting to pay other people, could you not at least offer a bounty on bug fixes with the funds? I may be missing a deeper issue here, but if there is one it wasn't mentioned in the talk...

Overall, really disappointed and had some hero-worship dashed in the process.

I am with Kevin Leitch!

I enjoyed the talk, but it could use some more structure overall, I believe.

It was a good keynote. We really should focus on stuff that matter whenever we can. I love having Rasmus show us that PHP needs help and that it is open to contributions, we really need that.

I agree with him on "Don't send us money, send us engineers", money brings along too much overhead in management and does not mean more developers. If you want money to equal developers, then hire someone and send him to us. Would be a shame for core to have to stop worrying about code and start doing HR.

The message was there, it could have been a little more showman style, but it was there.

Very nice to see what the developers of php have to deal with and to see a point of view from that side.
The very start looked like a bit of a mid life crisis or something. Understandable and it's ok to let people ask themselves how their work matters but not really useful or motivating to let everybody know you really seem to be having second thoughts.

A good keenote but it felt a bit slow paced and i would have the "do what mathers" part a bit more mixed in because now it felt more like a disclaimer everything you will hear the rest of the day does not mather. Nonetheless the message is an important one

The call-for-help and do-something-that-matters message was ok, but could have been made in 15 minutes. Slowly paced, and overall seemed a bit sloppy to me. Not what I would expect from a keynote.

I think most of the comments are already made. I totally agree on the 'do stuff that matters' instead of creating things people don't really need. But hey.. that's called business..

Anonymous at 08:53 on 11 Jun 2012

Dissapointing. Too preachy (who gets to decide what is useful and what isn't?) and the bashing of bug reporters etc. was lame.

Interesting talk but somehow disappointing, maybe I was just expecting more from the guy that changed my life 10 years ago. I was at Rasmus keynote at Barselona last year (PHP 5.4 features) and somehow it was much better to me. This one was partly deja vu (some things already heard at BCN).

I had higher expectations from this talk, but at the end it turned out to be okay. Hope he inspired some more people to help out with php development.