SPL in the Wild


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Interesting content presented with lots of experience referenced. Would like to look in more detail to the use cases in favour of covering the entire SPL.

Enjoyed the presenters style and communication of experiences.

Conference badge caused lots of noise on the mic though

Very interesting subject and a good overview of most of SPL. There were some things that bothered me like the fact that the usage of the code examples could be better. Most of the time you'd just scroll to the code example and click the example away in a few seconds. There are ways to improve that like putting the linenumber of the code example as a anchor in the url, all github code examples support that. Or even better just integrate the relevant code in the slides. Makes for a much smoother experience for anyone watching and listening.

Also the conference badge caused a lot of interference on the mic unfortunately.

This was a good talk - reminded me to take another look at SPL.
Particularly the new data structures as of 5.3 and some of the iterators.
It was a nice overview of SPL.

Some feedback

1. It'd be nice to see some kind of class / method signature on the slide before going to the code on github. This would give more context to the examples and make them easier for me to parse.

2. Use the github line number links to skip directly to the area of interest. You can avoid scrolling large files like this: https://github.com/benwaine/Phabric/blob/master/lib/Phabric/Phabric.php?#L24

3. Use a laser pointer or call the line number to focus audience attention on exactly the right area of the example. Spend more time explaining each implementation even if this means covering less material.

A great overview of SPL - but it would be good if you spent a bit more time going through the examples rather than just scrolling through the code off Github.
Perhaps if you just had one example app of your own that ran through the various SPL Objects.
The explanations themselves were very clear though.

Good quick introduction to SPL. Nice with real life examples of use. To bad that most are to complicated, to actually see the functionality in action.

Anonymous at 15:04 on 8 Jun 2012

Good talk, interesting subject. though i would either take more time per example, or skip the examples and just explain some more about each subject.

I have the feeling there was not enough time for the talk. Opening github pages was not really adding value. The links are use full and will certainly browse those when they are in the slides.

I have the feeling there was not enough time for the talk. Opening github pages was not really adding value. The links are use full and will certainly browse those when they are in the slides.

Anonymous at 18:37 on 8 Jun 2012

Nice overview of the SPL components tha often get forgotten. Though I'm supposed to be careful using some of them, but I don't know why. Looking through the links at real world examples from the slides will be interesting but was a little distracting during the talk

Good talk, maybe start with some information about yourself instead of putting at the end. That way, we get a better idea of who is up there talking.
Good overview of the SPL components. Would like to have seen more of the examples, but understandable because of the amount of time available. And with the slides I can check out the examples in depth.

Great overview of SPL features, well displayed on slides and well explained by Liz. Maybe mention you need more documentation on php.net

Anonymous at 14:29 on 9 Jun 2012

Too much scrolling around. Me as a noob with SPL was completely lost.

Great talk, wish Elizabeth would be given more time (45mins is really small timeframe) to explain in detail.

Great talk, interesting code examples but too much scrolling and swapping.

Anonymous at 20:25 on 9 Jun 2012

Your slide could be better. Prevent going online and having to scroll into the php code.

Nice talk always nice to see more information SPL. Thank you for that. I think the form was nice and snappy...

I agree with other commentators on showing github code as examples. Would be nice to show some live examples instead code on Github.

I find the topic very interesting, and I'm very convinced you know a lot about this subject but it was hard to follow at times. I would suggest less scrolling and more isolated examples.

Almost everybody mentioned that scrolling the code examples didn't add value. I agree for the same reasons and I just wish someone had given you the tip on the #L24 anchor style before you wrote the slides.

You spoke in a very clear and pleasant voice and what you told us reminded me of the need to get to know more about SPL, good heavens, I had no idea there was so much of it!

All in all it was clear that you have extensive knowledge about SPL, but it would have been an even better talk if you had managed to instill some of that on us. Now what I took from it is that I will have to study it more, but I only gained very superficial knowledge of what can be done with SPL. Still, I'm thankful for that. Please keep giving these talks, I think many, many other developers need to know.

The talk was good but as mentioned before the scrolling was not realy helpfull maybe just place the code snippet in the slides next time as the lines where the actual spl was used where not that many.

And i read in previous comment that the converence badge was causing interference but i actually think it wasnthe ratteling of the earrings.

Content of talk was great, learned a few new things about SPL.

I agreed the scrolling was not helpfull and the anchor-tip would be nice to use.

Personally I was not interested much to see real-life-examples of the SPL implementations, any example of an implementation would've been fine. Also, they would make code examples shorter and faster & easier to read by the audience, which helps if you only have little time for the talk.

And, yes, I need to use SPL more. Thank you for reminding us.

On a non-related note: I missed the "Iterator"-drinking game at the social ... oh well, perhaps next year.

Anonymous at 08:36 on 11 Jun 2012

Interesting talk but could have been prepared better. The 'In the wild' angle was not really helpful (too much scrolling, too messy).

I was kind of lost during talk because I was (as someone not using SPL at all) expected introduction and not advanced stuff. However talk was good and I'll make sure to browse all libs and stuff Elizabeth mentioned during her talk.

Good overview brought by a great speaker. But as mentioned above switching to code examples was distracting and sometimes even irritating.

talk would be better if more time was spend on the spl autoload and less on the iterators

Anonymous at 18:43 on 11 Jun 2012

To much scrolling. Nothing interested told here

Not what I expected from it